Weightlifting Exercises and Tips for Older Men and Women


Elderly Strength Training and Exercises for Seniors

This blog post on https://eldergym.com/ provides valuable information on weightlifting tips, benefits, and video tutorials for men and women in the elderly stage of life. Benefits of weightlifting for the elderly include the improvement of balance, arthritis, and osteoporosis. It urges that any elder who wishes to using these training methods should consult their doctor first. The tips include warmups and stretches on improving mobility and flexibility to make it not only easier to lift but easier to get up and about in life. It also provides information on how much and how often these lifts should be done to help with recovery and strength gains. The blog post gives twelve exercises for the trunk and back, upper body, and lower body. Each exercise is accompanied by a link to a video with a tutorial on how to perform the lift. All in all, this was a very beneficial post and deserves a lot more popularity. The website has a plethora of different fitness tips and programs designed for the elderly. Lift for life!


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